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The cleaning industry in 2014

December 20, 2013

The New Year is just days away, and forward-thinking managers and contractors are getting prepared.

For my December cover article, I reached out to industry sources to learn more about the issues that are poised to affect the cleaning industry in 2014.

Below are a few examples that my sources covered.

The ISSA Cleaning Standard: K-12

Allen P. Rathey, president of The Healthy Facilities Institute said, “The ultimate goal is that we as an industry will be able to successfully connect measurable contaminant levels with measurable health outcomes and measurable fiscal impacts … so that cleaning will be evaluated and purchased based as much on health outcomes and real business impact, as it is now mostly based on whether or not the facility looks and smells clean for the lowest price possible."


Kevin Keeler, founder of Keller Consulting, cited the outsourcing of in-house personnel for contract cleaners.

“While there is an added cost with in-staff cleaning, the investment results in higher customer satisfaction, and the return on investment that results from it,” Keeler said. “The foremost is a sense of duty that comes with ownership. Whether it is managers or cleaners, my experience shows that when people feel ownership of a building and loyalty to the occupants, their level of commitment is reflected in their performance.”

Facility Safety

Matthew Kastel, manager of baseball operations and events for the Maryland Stadium Authority, said, "I believe we do a great job making sure all our systems are working safely and efficiently, but when it comes to the safety of our guests and workers you can never take anything for granted."

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