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Enviro-Solutions talks about Transpare

December 9, 2013


Video Highlights from ISSA/INTERCLEAN Tradeshow
Jennifer Meek interviewed about ISSA's Transpare® Program

PETERBOROUGH, ON — At the recently completed ISSA/INTERCLEAN Las Vegas convention, Jennifer Meek, marketing director for Charlotte Products/Enviro-Solutions, was interviewed regarding ISSA's new Transpare program.

The Transpare program is a free online tool focused on chemical cleaning products. According to ISSA, it is designed to help purchasers differentiate cleaning products based on environmental, safety and health attributes in a transparent, harmonized and verified platform.
Below are highlights of the Meek interview:
Why did you first elect to list products in Transpare? What was the attraction?
Being a pioneer in the development of green cleaning products, we believe the demand for green cleaning will continue to grow. However, we also realize there is still a learning curve that comes with understanding what green cleaning products are and how to implement an effective green cleaning program. We believe Transpare can help end users overcome this learning curve, which will prove beneficial to distributors, end users and the entire professional cleaning industry.
How is your participation in Transpare consistent with your company's commitment to sustainability?  
Our corporate sustainability commitment embraces educating our customers on the benefits of safer green cleaning products for users, building users and the environment. Transpare is a perfect complement to our corporate sustainability commitment.
Overall, how does Transpare help in the sales process?   
Transpare is helpful in the sales process by giving customers the confidence they need in selecting cleaning products. Our support of the Transpare program and the increased participation of other suppliers speak volumes of the value of the resource.      
In your opinion, what is the future of ecolabels in the cleaning industry?  
Ecolabels are very important and will continue to be so. The reason is simple: these certification organizations are typically independent, third-party organizations that evaluate products based on high standards and criteria. They have helped end the confusion and allow distributors as well as end customers to make rational purchasing decisions backed by independent research.
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About Enviro-Solutions
Charlotte Products/Enviro-Solutions is a Performance Formulator and manufacturer of a broad range of cleaning chemical products for the consumer and institutional markets.  Founded in 1986, the company uses advanced technologies to produce cleaning chemicals and products that offer proven safety, health, and environment benefits without sacrificing product performance all at a competitive price.