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Winning The Race Against Dirt To "Real Clean"

VersaClean ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

November 6, 2013

Winning The Race Against Dirt To "Real Clean"

ISSAProfiles-VersaCleanImage.jpgThe VersaClean™ System delivers cost savings, efficiency and powerful cleaning!
Facility managers and cleaning staff work hard to keep floors looking clean – yet dingy tile floors and soiled and stained carpets persist.
Addressing these issues is labor intensive – in fact, labor accounts for 80-90 percent of most facilities' cleaning expenses.
Add to this the cost of complex, expensive janitorial equipment and the money required to maintain it.
And then there's the training to operate the equipment effectively and to mix and apply chemicals correctly – training that just has to be repeated when staff members move on: it's a risky mix of high expense and low effectiveness.

The Solution
VersaClean is a complete system, offering high productivity, turn-key floor care that simplifies getting to "real clean."
Best of all, it outperforms larger, more complex and costly systems while minimizing labor costs, training time and user error.
That means huge cost savings the very first day the system is used.

Powerful, Efficient Chemistry
The VersaClean carpet machine (VC700) features two-step chemical delivery systems.
No mixing is required; operators simply place the clearly-marked chemical containers in the machine and insert the draw tubes.
Once the machine is switched on, the machine will automatically mix the chemicals with water at the optimum rate.
This ensures that every ounce of chemical purchase is used at maximum efficiency.
No dollars wasted by using too much; no time wasted by not using enough!
For hard floors, prespray VersaTile chemicals then let the VT1200 machine's 1000 PSI rotary spray heads do their magic.
It's the ultimate in high production restorative cleaning in a unit compact enough to fit in restroom stalls and under-sink areas.

Ease Of Operation
Unlike traditional rotary machines, which often have a steep learning curve, new operators can master VersaClean machines in a matter of minutes.
VersaClean's continuous flow systems flush and extract simultaneously – maximizing the efficiency of daily maintenance operations while providing deep, restorative cleaning with every use.
Use the VC700 on all types of carpet and upholstery.
The VT1200 is the most effective system yet for cleaning tile and grout, natural stone, terrazzo, linoleum and most hard surfaces.
For a truly profitable clean, choose VersaClean.
By reducing or eliminating the need for complex and expensive equipment, by providing access to critical small spaces, and by delivering a deep, restorative clean with every pass, VersaClean helps facilities win the race against dirt and achieve "real clean" results.
VersaClean demos at ISSA! Stop by booth #2528.



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