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The Quest For Efficiency

ProTeam Inc. ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

November 6, 2013

The Quest For Efficiency

ISSAProfiles-ProTeamImage.jpgThe search for greater efficiency is an infinite process.
There is no end to the number of small tweaks and large revolutionary changes that can help a cleaning operation do more with less.
Over the last 25 years, ProTeam®, the Vacuum Company, rose from an innovative startup to a major industry presence by exploiting every opportunity for more efficient vacuuming.
At ISSA Las Vegas 2013, ProTeam will showcase a full range of efficiency solutions for cleaning operations of all types and sizes.
Backpack vacuums set cleaners free from the restrictions of pulling a canister or pushing an upright.

Setting Cleaners Free
The backpack's lightweight aluminum wand maneuvers obstacles and cleans high and low with speed and ease.
Now, ProTeam gives cleaners the ultimate freedom with the GoFree® Pro cordless backpack vacuum using the latest battery technology.
School districts in Florida, Texas and Nevada recently field-tested the GoFree Pro to see exactly how much time they could save by eliminating cord-related tasks.
When using the GoFree Pro as a part of the cleaning system Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools, cleaners shaved one to 1.5 hours off vacuuming time in a four-hour loop.
"Managing the vacuum cord becomes a body response," said Rex Morrison, who oversaw some of the field tests. "Every time you make a turn, you are 100 percent conscious of the dangers of catching your cord on obstacles. That's what takes the time up. It's not plugging in and unplugging. It's constantly working with your cord and having the outlet dictate your path. With the GoFree Pro, you take the path of productivity that you choose."

Testing For Reliability
Another component of efficiency is the reliability of cleaning equipment.
The Next Generation of backpack vacuums were thoroughly tested for safety and durability at the UL-certified laboratory at Emerson's Tool Company Engineering facility, located on the campus of Emerson World Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.
Testing in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees to 105 degrees Fahrenheit assured that the backpacks will perform after being transported in winter or spending the night in a garage in Arizona.
The cord was flexed 10,000 times in each plane.
The motor will run for over 800 hours on one set of brushes.
Each feature of the vacuums was tested thoroughly to be sure that the new backpacks live up to ProTeam's legendary durability.
"The process was to validate that the new design was as robust as the old design, and to make incremental improvements wherever possible," said Mark Tomasiak, project leader of the Next Gen testing. "The units exceeded what we considered to be a 10-year life, excluding motor life. We feel confident that this product will stand the test of time."
ProTeam will be showing the GoFree Pro and Super Coach ProTM series at ISSA Las Vegas 2013.



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