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Stinky Drain Solution: Funny Name, Serious Stuff.

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November 6, 2013

Stinky Drain Solution™: Funny Name, Serious Stuff.

ISSAProfiles-EnvironmentalImage.jpgWhat Is That Smell?!?
Students and staff were evacuated from Col. Zadok Magruder High School on September 19, 2013, after someone reported smelling a foul odor, according to
As a result, the school building was evacuated, 11 students and two staff members who had reported not feeling well were evaluated at the scene, seven students and two teachers were taken to a local hospital after feeling ill and Hazmat officials were dispatched to take atmospheric readings inside the building.
Interestingly, the odor was not from a natural gas leak as originally assumed.
No, Washington Gas and county fire officials determined that the smell was in fact sewer gas, emanating from a sewer trap.

Plumbing 101
Virtually all plumbing fixtures including sinks, toilets and floor drains are equipped with a P-shaped section of pipe that separates a fixture's drainpipe from the remainder of the plumbing system.
The P-shaped section of pipe is called a "trap" because it captures a liquid (most commonly water) that serves as a seal to disallow noxious sewage gases from backing up through the plumbing system and entering into the environ where the fixture is located.
It only takes two or three weeks before a water-seal in a trap evaporates sufficiently, allowing health hazards to become problematic.

Stinky Drain Solution
Stinky Drain Solution™ eliminates the necessity of pouring water into the drain of an unused plumbing fixture every two or three weeks to trap noxious gases.
Stinky Drain Solution™ is a liquid formulation packaged in a single bottle, appropriately sized to completely fill a trap coupled to a 2-inch drain.
Stinky Drain Solution™ literally blocks everything and anything that could come up from a drain!
No mixing or measuring required – just pour the entire 16-ounce bottle of Stinky Drain Solution™ down the drain and you are good for one year.
It doesn't get any easier than that!
Stinky Drain Solution™ is the 12-month solution for dry drain syndrome.
Stinky Drain Solution™ is biodegradable, nonvolatile, nonflammable and noncorrosive.
It is a polymer-like material that does not evaporate.
It contains no damage causing mineral oil or antifreeze and there is no need for faulty or expensive drain retrofits.
When the drain needs to be utilized, Stinky Drain Solution™ can be readily flushed from a drain with nothing more than water.
For more information about Stinky Drain Solution™, head over to our website: and click on the tab at the top of the page entitled 'Watch Our Video' or visit our 'Frequently Asked Question' section.



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