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HFI release 10.28

October 28, 2013

The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) Develops “Clean for Healthful Environments” Award - Requests SMART Input

BOISE, ID — The Healthy Facilities Institute® (HFI) Educational Center and Website has announced the development of a Clean for Healthful Environments Award, requesting input from its SMART - Swift Market Assessment Response Team - Task Force, as well as from facility leaders.

Baseline criteria include:
•    Company must have peer-reviewed research supporting efficacy claims
•    Company must demonstrate that protecting public health is a key part of its operations or mission statement
•    Company must have at least two public health scientists supporting its claims and providing a reference or testimonial
•    Company must be actively engaged in Measuring for Health™ using Integrated Cleaning and Measurement™ (ICM) principles and therefore must provide field test data showing effective removal of soils affecting health
•    Companies must be IEHA and ISSA Members in good standing

“We welcome this opportunity to encourage manufacturer leaders in the facilities sector to step up and be recognized for their health-related product efforts,” said Allen Rathey, president of HFI. “We are asking our SMART Task Force as well as others in the facilities space, to suggest additional or modified criteria, as well as award incentives.”

If you have suggestions for criteria or incentives, please email

About HFI’s SMART - Swift Market Assessment Response Team - Task Force

The SMART - Swift Market Assessment Response Team - Task Force is a way to drive healthful ways, the Clean Standard, and Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM) more rapidly into the marketplace through dialog and discussion. The Task Force (TF) will “meet” by email and respond to queries by the committee chair (Allen Rathey) as time permits. Rathey will query the group monthly asking for input on a specific topic. The TF will consist of vendors and end-users with the early members being vendors, as this idea sprang from brainstorming a way to provide value to HFI sponsors, without endorsing any particular product or for-profit service.

To become a member of the task force, please email Allen Rathey at

The vendors involved to date include:

•    Advanced Vapor Technologies
•    Cavalier Inc.
•    GenEon Technologies
•    GTM Strategies
•    Hygiena
•    Kaivac
•    Procyon - Plus Manufacturing
•    ProTeam
•    Zadro Inc.

About HFI

The Healthy Facilities Institute® (HFI) Educational Center and Website strives to provide authoritative information for creating and maintaining clean, healthy indoor environments. Since buildings are ecosystems, HFI works to address the many interrelated aspects of built environments — such as air, water, energy, materials and resources, green cleaning, indoor environmental quality, waste management, people and more — as an integrated or holistic system. Inasmuch as “Clean” is a metaphor for healthy indoor spaces, HFI also emphasizes prevention and removal of pollutants or contaminants to help ensure optimum conditions for living, learning and working. HFI does not endorse products or services.