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September 30, 2013

The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) Urges Taking Green Hippocratic Oath

BOISE, ID — The Healthy Facilities Institute® (HFI) Educational Center and Website urges support for the Green Hippocratic Oath (first Do No Harm to the environment) and the Oath Project.

According to Allen Rathey, president of HFI: “We learned of  ‘The Oath’ from the landmark book by Shel Horowitz and Jay Conrad Levinson, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, and believe cleaning, housekeeping and facility leaders can make a difference by supporting it.”

According to the Oath Project: “Business decisions have a massive impact on the world—a fact that has been devastatingly clear since the beginning of the global economic crisis in 2008 and still clearer today as we struggle to find the right balance between Main Street, Wall Street, and International Drive. When the forces in control of the economy fail to act responsibly, everyone suffers. If we obsess over the short term, we’ll never be sustainable in the long term. When we find a way to create value while also acting in the best interests of society and the planet, everyone benefits. Though these forces may sometimes seem to be out of our control, the reality is that we all have a part to play…Widespread recognition of major environmental problems has made it clear that the next generation of corporate leaders will be forced to grapple with a set of enormously complex and important issues. Given how business activities affect the environment…” business leaders and managers can take the high road by adopting a facility-version of the medical Hippocratic Oath: first Do No Harm, including harm to the indoor and outdoor environment.

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For more information about the Oath Project, see:

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The Healthy Facilities Institute® (HFI) Educational Center and Website strives to provide authoritative information for creating and maintaining clean, healthy indoor environments. Since buildings are ecosystems, HFI works to address the many interrelated aspects of built environments — such as air, water, energy, materials and resources, green cleaning, indoor environmental quality, waste management, people and more — as an integrated or holistic system. Inasmuch as “Clean” is a metaphor for healthy indoor spaces, HFI also emphasizes prevention and removal of pollutants or contaminants to help ensure optimum conditions for living, learning and working.