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Sizeable pay cuts on the horizon

August 21, 2013

WOODSTOCK, GA — Details of a pending contract, which would outsource custodial services, indicate that most of the 200 school custodians currently employed by the Cherokee County School District will take a substantial pay cut, according to The Cherokee Ledger-News.

Under a new, $5 million contract through ARAMARK, all current employees will be "offered a full-time job and a benefit package," but many will now be classified as 10-month employees, rather than year-round employees, the article stated.

According to the article, ARAMARK was chosen by the board during a July meeting, but affected employees were not informed about their situation until August 13.

Ron Carey, the custodial night supervisor, was initially excited about the ARAMARK contract, but was quickly disappointed when he learned details of the employment deal, the article noted.

"The research showed that privatization would yield immediate and long-term significant savings — enough funding to restore two additional school days (and eliminate the corresponding two furlough days) — with all affected CCSD employees being offered jobs with healthcare benefits by the private companies," said school district Director of Communications Barbara Jacoby.

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