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ICAN/ATEX: How do you calculate sales commission?

August 14, 2013

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If utilizing sales personnel, what kind of percentage is given for work or per contract obtained?

Wednesday’s Answer:

Sales compensation typically includes a combination of base salary, plus performance-based incentive (commission), plus expense account and a car.

Salary to Commission Ratios range from:

  • Zero to 50 percent salary plus 100 to 50 percent commission: Salary ranges, as written in ATEX before, are dependent on local market rates.

Variables Adjusting the Above:

  • Salesperson experienced/new in the cleaning industry
  • Size of local market (# of opportunities & average job size)
  • Aggressiveness of cleaning firm’s pricing (where is their pricing relative to their market?)
  • Does the salesperson develop pricing, or does Operations?

Commission plans for Contracts vary from:

  • One-time payment of: 100 percent Monthly Gross Profit, or 20 percent of Monthly Billing Amount  ... ICAN representative

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