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ITW Brands release 8.14

August 14, 2013

ITW Professional Brands Offers Tips for Preparing Educational Facilities for Back-to-School Season

OLATHE, KS — A new school year is upon us and that means it’s back-to-school time for students, teachers and educational facility managers. ITW Professional Brands offers cleaning professionals tips for establishing a clean and safe learning environment in preparation for the back-to-school season.

“The start of a new school year is an important event for students and faculty, and we want to ensure everyone comes back to a clean and safe environment,” said ITW Professional Brands Director of Sales and Marketing Rich Bucher. “Cleaning professionals must be vigilant in cleaning and disinfecting schools and universities to prevent the spread of viruses and to ensure a pleasant learning environment.”

ITW Professional Brands reminds cleaning professionals to:

1)  Disinfect high-touch surfaces: To reduce the spread of viruses, ensure that high-touch surfaces such as pencil sharpeners, door handles, desks, handrails, drinking fountains and shared computer mouses and keyboards are disinfected regularly. Use a true disinfectant at the proper dilution and dwell time.

2)  Disinfect high-risk areas: Pay extra attention to areas of the building where food is prepared, sick children are cared for and incidents may occur such as cafeterias, nurses’ offices and athletic departments. These areas are of greater concern due to the likelihood of skin-to-skin and object-to-mouth contact.

3)  Deep clean restrooms: The buildup of harmful microorganisms in restrooms can easily transfer to a student’s or teacher’s hands and cause illness. Thoroughly disinfect restroom surfaces, deep clean in all corners and disinfect grout lines, walls, sinks, faucets and toilets.

4)  Know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting:  Cleaning removes visible soil, dirt, stains and other debris from surfaces, while disinfecting destroys viruses, bacteria, germs and other harmful microorganisms. After-school maintenance should include proper disinfection after the cleaning of surfaces. Focusing on disinfecting is important in controlling the spread of viruses.

ITW Professional Brands offers Spray Nine®, a cleaner/disinfectant that kills a total of 26 germs and disinfects in only 45 seconds, along with other products focused on industrial and institutional hygiene markets for the industrial MRO (maintenance, repair and operations), Jan/San (janitorial and sanitation) and food service industries.

For more information on ITW Professional Brands products, visit or call 1-800-443-9536.

About ITW Professional Brands

ITW Professional Brands manufactures and markets products for industrial and institutional hygiene markets.  Primary industries and distribution channels are industrial MRO, jan/san and food service.  The brand portfolio contains five well-known industry brands including SCRUBS® pre-moistened wipes, Spray Nine® disinfectants and degreasers, DYKEM® industrial marking products, Dymon® specialty cleaning products and Atlantic Mills® disposable food service wipers. Backed by years of formulation expertise, the five brands from ITW Professional Brands offer products that are among the most trusted and effective products available today. ITW Professional Brands is located in Olathe, Kansas with an additional distribution center in Lakewood, New Jersey.  For additional information regarding ITW Professional Brands, call 1-800-443-9536 or visit