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PC4HS calls for color-changing soap

August 1, 2013

SPARKS, NV — In the interest of ensuring hand cleanliness and preventing the spread of infectious illnesses in K-12 schools, Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) is calling for handsoap products that turn green, according to a press release.

The founder of PC4HS, Rex Morrison, has challenged the makers of liquid soap products to create a soap that automatically turns green after the prescribed interval of washing hands, the release stated.

Morrison is in talks with several leading soap companies to see which will be the best qualified to create the health-protecting product, the release noted.

“The goal is to make it easy — and fun — for kids and adults to spend the proper time washing their hands by providing a visual cue corresponding to a prescribed wash-time interval,” Morrison said in the release. “The soap will change from its original color to green after so many seconds of skin contact and gentle rubbing, thereby helping to ensure proper time is spent washing hands followed by rinsing to thoroughly remove germs.”

"We want kids to remember, that 'when the soap turns green, their hands are clean' and can be rinsed," Morrison continued in the release. "We also want to thank UMass Lowell TURI Field Scientist, Heidi Wilcox, for jointly suggesting the concept."

According to the release, proceeds from the sale of the soap would go the nonprofit PC4HS and other nonprofits.

Click here to read the release in its entirety.

PC4HS is a non-profit consortium with a mission of “schools helping schools.”

The process optimizes efficiency, cleanliness, ease of deployment and health factors through a carefully designed and documented system tailored for K-12 school districts.