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Welcoming window cleaning robots

July 29, 2013

PORTLAND, OR — Set it and forget it window cleaning? That may be an option now with the development of the Winbot 7 Series, The Oregonian reported.

According to the article, Ecovacs Robotics created a robot that uses vacuum suction to adhere to windows.

Spray cleaner is applied to the robot’s cleaning pad, the robot is placed on the window and the user pushes a button, the article stated.

The robot is equipped with a cleaning pad at the bottom, a polishing pad at the top and a scrubber in the middle, and it is supposed to provide streak-free cleaning, the article noted.

The Winbot senses the size of the window, analyzes an optimum path for cleaning, returns to its starting point when finished and sings a song to let the user know the task is complete, according to the article.

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