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Janitor at the center of ‘tuberculosis fiasco’

July 29, 2013

COLUMBIA, SC — State health officials are under fire here after 100 people tested positive for tuberculosis, 53 of them schoolchildren, according to The Island Packet.

The outbreak began when a janitor at an elementary school was diagnosed in March; the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DEHC) learned of the infection from the janitor’s doctor on March 8, 2013, the article noted.

The article stated that the parents of the children at the school were not notified of the threat until May 28, and the children were not tested until May 31.

The janitor disregarded orders to stay home, and he was not ordered into quarantine until June 6, according to the article.

So far, three nurses and the state’s tuberculosis director have been fired due to the case, and they have since sued the DEHC claiming they received no help or guidance from their supervisors and did not have the authority to order the janitor into quarantine, the article stated.

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