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July 23, 2013
Barangle Corporation Clarke Clorox Professional Products Company Hoover Commercial Odorcide
Orbio Technologies Pacific Floorcare ProTeam VersaClean Cleaning Management Institute
 Barangle Corporation

The Next Big Cleaning Innovation

Finally, a product that makes visual inspection more accurate. Our tools enable you to discreetly shine our special high lumen, remote controlled light across a surface at a grazing angle, greatly enhancing the visual inspection method. You'll be amazed. You'll see more particulate matter like dirt, dust, glass, hair, blood, urine, emesis splash, water, oil, grease, spills, rodent droppings, dry contaminants, bugs, uneven tiles/sidewalks and buckled carpet. Our current clients include hospitals, restaurants, universities, fitness centers, daycare centers, property managers and more. Start making your facility cleaner and safer. Order now and become part of the next big cleaning innovation. "Barangle...Raising the cleaning BAR by lowering the light ANGLE."


Maximum Cleaning Productivity For Small Spaces

The Clarke Vantage 17 Autoscrubber delivers maximum cleaning productivity for small-area applications. With a highly maneuverable design and wide 17-inch scrub path, the Vantage 17 provides a reliable, cost-efficient cleaning alternative to labor-intensive mops and buckets and high-priced, large automatic scrubbers. Featuring a unique center-pivot squeegee system, the Vantage 17 employs a gas spring for optimal blade pressure to effectively pick up solution in both forward and reverse in just one pass — leaving the floors clean, dry and ready for foot traffic faster than alternative solutions. For maximum productivity, the Vantage 17 is equipped with a large 8.2-gallon tank and 7.7-gallon recover tank, enabling operation for up to two hours on a single tank.

 Clorox Professional Products Company

Clorox® Professional Cleaners & Degreasers

Clorox® Professional Cleaners & Degreasers harness scientific innovation to break free from the way grease has been cleaned in the past. This highly developed technology removes the heavy-duty, grease-related soils found in the commercial kitchen and industrial settings. It delivers powerful and superior results:

  • Lifts grease out of tile and grout
  • Dissolves the tough, baked-on grease found on ovens, stoves and countertops
  • Leaves stainless steel shiny and streak-free with no residue
  • Saves time: no rinsing and no long soak times required
  • Free of the harsh chemicals butyl cellosolve and caustic

 Hoover Commercial

Hospital-Grade Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Insight has HEPA filtration and a self-sealing bag — perfect for healthcare and cross contamination issues that can occur in hospitals and nursing homes. Hoover's 15-inch Insight comes equipped with fully automatic electronic height adjustment. No tools are needed to put together or service these units. The LED diagnostic panel notifies the user when maintenance is required on brush, bag and filter. They come with CRI approval, a quick-change brush and a serviceable cord. If a cord gets damaged, simply swap it out with a new one — no repair costs, no downtime. Visit us at to see our lineup.


Reactivate Your Odor Control

New OdorcideDuraLast is for all your janitorial and sanitation odor elimination needs. Specifically formulated to eliminate unpleasant odors in schools, hospitals, daycares, assisted living facilities, sports locker rooms, offices, fitness centers and more. OdorcideDuraLast is a concentrated liquid with reactivation technology that inhibits new odors with residual activity. It reactivates with moisture from re-soiling or repeat cleaning. Application methods include spraying or wiping on hard, non-porous surfaces, spraying on fabric or upholstery and adding directly to a mop bucket. Go to the website for more information or to request a free sample.

 Orbio Technologies a Tennant Company Group

Create Your Own Cleaning Solution

Say "hello" to the Orbio 5000-Sc. Replace many different daily-use cleaning chemicals with one simple, sustainable solution. Using the power of transformed water, the Orbio portfolio of water power technologies enables cleaning devices and equipment to achieve the same effect without the hazards or large environmental footprint associated with the use of traditional packaged chemicals. Create an environmentally friendly multi-purpose cleaner from water, salt and electricity. On-site. On demand. Welcome to the future of cleaning.

 Pacific Floorcare

Purpose Built™ For Maximum Productivity

The Pacific Floorcare WAV-26 Wide Area Upright Vacuum is Purpose Built to maximize productivity and keep your environment clean. With the lowest sound levels versus 26-inch upright vacuums, a 33 percent larger bag capacity and extreme, 15-foot reach for onboard tools, you can run longer, and work anywhere, anytime. The WAV-26 is made to last, with dual motor protection, rotomold construction and crush-proof wheels. The WAV-26 also meets LEED criteria with HEPA filtration and CRI Certification. The WAV-26 wide area will add high value to your operations. Contact Pacific Floorcare or visit our website to add it to your fleet today.


The Next Generation Of Efficiency

In the quest to make cleaning professionals more efficient than ever, ProTeam designed the Next Generation of backpack vacuums, the Super Coach Pro 6/10 and the cordless GoFree Pro. The GoFree Pro sets the user free from the tether of a cord and improves productivity by eliminating cord-management tasks. Ergonomic backpack design with FlexFit articulating harness increases range of motion and reduces user fatigue. New triangular shape fits close to the body and moves with the user. Be the first to hear about the newest innovation in cleaning efficiency — Like ProTeam on Facebook and follow @ProTeamVacuums on Twitter.


Capture and Incarcerate Fugitive Soils With VersaClean

Tired of cleaning systems that leave dirt on the loose? With the VersaClean™ Cleaning System, you can arrest all the soils every time you clean. VersaCarpet™ and VersaTile equipment and proprietary chemistries let you truly capture all the soils even in the toughest conditions and leave carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces cleaner and drier than any other system. Plus, with automatic mixing and simple operation, you and your staff can master the system quickly. Go from zero to cleaning hero in minutes with VersaClean. Capture and incarcerate those soils — and throw away the key.

 Cleaning Management Institute

Continual Development. Upgrade Your Knowledge.

Cleaning Management Institute's (CMI) Floor Care Certification program is an opportunity for both new and experienced building service employees to increase their knowledge and skills. Floor types and their maintenance supplies are getting more diverse, making it exceedingly important to understand the what, when, how and why of floorcare. The Basic Certification is a comprehensive program outlining daily maintenance required to uphold the integrity of a facility's hard floors. This includes in-depth information on the materials, equipment and supplies needed. The Advanced Certification is a step further, including the restorative process such as "stripping and finishing." This knowledge set will help an organization save time and money, along with providing superior service to a facility.