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Tornado introduces new scrubber calculator

July 17, 2013

CHICAGO — Tornado Industries has just introduced a new Scrubber Calculator for use by cleaning professionals as well as building owners and managers, according to a press release.

By inputting information such as the type of floor care equipment being used — compact scrubber, small- and medium-sized walk-behind scrubber, or ride-on system — the calculator can be used to estimate labor costs per hour, the release stated.

"We launched the Scrubber calculator as part of our Facebook Summer Like and Learn Campaign," said Jolynn Kennedy, marketing director for Tornado.

"Many schools and universities devote a great deal of time to floor care in the summer months. This calculator will give them a better idea of how much time certain tasks will take and their related costs," Kennedy added.

According to the release, the Summer Like and Learn campaign is designed to provide cleaning professionals and facility managers — especially those at schools and universities — with information addressing the special cleaning projects typically performed during the summer months.

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