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PC4HS Supports ISSA Transpare

July 17, 2013

Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools® (PC4HS) Supports ISSA Transpare®

SPARKS, NV -— The non-profit Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) has announced it will formally support ISSA’s Transpare as a “Transpare Partner”.
Transpare is an online registry of cleaning products that communicates the environmental, health, and safety attributes of listed products in an open, consistent, standardized format. As such, Transpare helps purchasers and end users identify, research, compare, and select products and avoid "greenwashing."
“We wish to support and promote the use of Transpare to K-12 school purchasers, facility managers, and others actively engaged in the selection and purchase of environmentally preferable cleaning products,” said Rex Morrison, president and founder of PC4HS. “We believe in informed decisions and standardization to improve processes - and products - and Transpare definitely helps to inform the marketplace and standardize the purchase of greener products.”
“We’re excited that PC4HS is now a Transpare Partner,” said David Schweizer, Account Executive, ISSA Environmental Services. “Credible end-user groups are key adopters of this platform and we are gratified that this growing school-based non-profit is supporting this important initiative.”

About Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools

Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) is a non-profit consortium with a mission of “schools helping schools.” The process optimizes efficiency, cleanliness, ease of deployment and health factors through a carefully designed and documented system tailored for K-12 school districts.

About ISSA Transpare

Transpare is a free product registry that communicates information on the key environmental, health, and safety attributes of commercial cleaning products. It provides purchasers with a way to easily select cleaning products that are appropriate for their facility occupants and that meet the environmental goals of their organizations.