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AFFLINK launching new programs

July 12, 2013

TUSCALOOSA, AL — AFFLINK has capped off its 36th year as one of the JanSan industry's leading sales and marketing organizations by launching several game-changing initiatives at its annual Summit meeting in Orlando, Florida, according a press release.

"The energy at Summit was at an all-time high. Our members and suppliers have validated the strategies we have in place, and we're going to build on their momentum to continue driving this industry forward — now and into the future," said AFFLINK President Dennis Riffer.

According to the release, new AFFLINK programs launched include:

  • SalesHunter
  • Sustainable Choices
  • Shopfront
  • GSA
  • ServSafe® Certification.

"Listening to our key stakeholders is what separates us as one of the Member-led groups in the industry. The initiatives we launched at Summit further solidify that assertion and provide clear evidence that we are indeed living our vision statement every day," said Michael Wilson, director of marketing at AFFLINK.

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