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Cleanthoughts August 2013

Changing For The Better

August 14, 2013

Change can be one of the most dreaded words in the English language.

In fact, just the thought of trying something new will send certain people into fits of panic and despair.

For a variety of reasons, cleaning departments and businesses are using outdated tools, which have served their purpose for many years, instead of investing in modern equipment for improved, enhanced results.

Changing and updating processes and equipment can yield cost savings and exceed appearance expectations.

Now, sustainable cleaning methods, processes and products are poised to propel profits in the JanSan market over the coming decades.

This issue’s Sustainability Spotlight highlights a number of positive changes facility managers and building service contractors should consider.

Our features cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Low-flow vs. high-flow carpet cleaning
  • Green certifications
  • Holistic sustainability programs
  • Source control strategies
  • Greener and safer cleaning chemicals
  • Efficient, high-volume ceiling fans.

Products are an important part of sustainable cleaning, but there are changes owners and managers can make in different phases of their business that will benefit the bottom line, employees and the environment as well.

Asking The Questions

But remember, green cleaning is not an individual initiative.

Changing your business’ or facility’s culture to focus on sustainability requires an entire team effort.

This involves training and re-training new and existing staff, including owners, managers and supervisors and educating building occupants.

To that end, the subjects covered in this month’s spotlight should grab your attention and spur your imagination.

Operations should frequently ask themselves questions with the end goal of ramping up efficiency and increasing savings.

  • How much could be saved by selecting sustainable cleaning chemicals?
  • Could a shift to day cleaning result in energy savings?
  • How many man hours and resources could be saved with the use of efficient floor or carpet cleaners?
  • Is there a way to keep dirt and dust out of a facility in the first place?

By answering questions like these then boldly moving forward, owners and managers should find new and inventive ways to improve performance while fully embracing sustainable cleaning.

Finding The Answers

Luckily, you have already found one valuable resource that offers answers and solutions to a number of important JanSan questions: Cleaning & Maintenance Management.

Every month, we provide coverage to the latest trends in the industry, and our entire editorial team strives to bring you useful content, both in print and online at

Cleaning professionals also can turn to various cleaning consultants, product distributors and the ISSA for up-to-date training and information on sustainable products and processes.

Finally, product certifications and different training resources will provide further clues when it comes to piecing together a modern cleaning program.

In conclusion, never be scared to ask questions and investigate new industry offerings.

Only through education and evolution can we continue to develop a new level of responsible professionalism in the cleaning and maintenance markets.