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ICAN/ATEX: When can someone suffering from a MRSA infection return to work?

July 3, 2013

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If a worker is on antibiotics for MRSA can they still work in the workplace?

Or, do they need to stay home until all medication is finished?

Tuesday’s Answer:

To avoid getting nailed for practicing medicine without a license, let me offer only an opinion based on the CDC website and others.

If someone has only a MRSA skin infection, as most are, it should be kept clean, covered, and inaccessible to others.

If this is the case, and, of course, the worker feels well, he or she probably can work safely without exposing others to the staph bacteria.

However, if the infection were in the lungs, even coughing or ... Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX editor

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