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The top dirtiest areas in a restaurant

July 2, 2013

CINCINNATI — Contributing more than 39 million reviews, "Yelpers" can make or break a restaurant's reputation, frequently identifying issues with poor service, food quality or cleanliness, according to a press release.

To help restaurants maintain a positive online reputation, Cintas Corporation has released what online reviewers have identified as five of the top dirtiest areas in a restaurant, the release stated.

"Before dining at a new restaurant, many patrons now go online to read reviews about the restaurant, discover popular dishes or identify hours of operation," said Ann Nickolas, senior director of foodservice at Cintas.

"Reviews citing poor cleanliness in a restaurant can be an instant turn-off for prospective diners and lead to lost business before the patron even steps in the door," Nickolas added.

According to the release, the top five dirtiest areas in a restaurant include:

  1. Floors. One of the first things patrons see when they walk into a restaurant is the floor. According to a recent consumer poll, a dirty floor could lead 68 percent of customers to immediately exit the facility — never to return. From dirt and debris to discolored grout lines and carpet stains, several different factors can make a restaurant floor "dirty."
  2. Restrooms. Reports of dirt and debris, unflushed toilets, unstocked paper goods and general malodors are frequent occurrences within online restaurant reviews. In fact, some users avoid restrooms — or the restaurant — altogether because of restroom filth. A reviewer of a Washington DC-based Chinese restroom stated, "I had to use the restroom, but was too scared just from a glimpse of one of them."
  3. Tables. Remnants from meals, displaced napkins and general dirt left on and around tables can make guests feel unwelcome or leave them with a negative impression of the restaurant. This is what prevented a reviewer of a Miami-based fast food Mexican restaurant from giving the restaurant a better rating. He noted, "I would have given four stars, but I noticed a few tables were dirty and the little bar at which we sat I had to clean myself prior to sitting down."

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