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Niagara Machine Inc.

June 26, 2013

Niagara Machine, Inc.
Industrial surface preparation specialist: A full-line distributor of BlastPro Shot Blasting Machines, cutters and scrapers, Lavina Pro floor grinders, Ermator HEPA filter dust extractors, separators and air scrubbers as well as Prosoco flooring solutions. To complement our equipment lines we carry a complete line of parts and consumables including diamond cup wheels, abrasive discs, diamond plugs, diamond segments, polishing pads, carbide cutters and diamond blades.

Case Study:


Concrete floor issues: take a hard look at a polishing makeover.

Whether it's an aging floor or a new installation, polishing transforms concrete into an incredibly strong, durable surface. Add years of service life to old floors, and eliminate the need for expensive coverings or exhaustive maintenance. What it takes is the right equipment and the right know-how. That's what you can expect from Niagara Machine.

Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, Niagara Machine is a leading national distributor of a full line of concrete polishing equipment and materials … including shot blasters, scrapers, grinders, polishers, densifiers, dyes, joint filler, diamonds and blades. Quality brands available through Niagara include Lavina, BlastPro, Prosoco, Metzger/McGuire, and Ermator.

But there's more. Niagara Machine is also a comprehensive resource for training in the concrete polishing process. Company technicians collaborate with customers on selecting the proper equipment and developing plans tailored to their specific sites. Niagara's 22,000-square-foot facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, is dedicated to technology and training.

Grinding and polishing converts porous concrete into a hard, dense surface that's extremely resistant to abrasion, water and contaminants. The resin-free surface eliminates tire marks from vehicles and fork trucks. And whether it's wet or dry, a polished concrete floor meets or exceeds OSHA standards for slip resistance.

Polished concrete is easy and economical to maintain. Periodic re-polishing or buffing is all that's needed to preserve the luster of the floor.

Polished concrete also has an extraordinary impact on the work environment. It minimizes dust mites, allergens and bacterial molds. And its reflective surface reduces the amount of interior lighting required, resulting in a brighter, safer work area. For Niagara customers, everything needed to transform floors is available under one roof — equipment, technology, materials and training.

Experience matters… and Niagara Machine's expertise helps our customers polish off old and aging floors, and add years of durable service to their facilities