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HydraMaster release 6.21

June 21, 2013

HydraMaster to Begin ‘How to Care For’ Floor Covering Series on Facebook

MUKILTEO, WA — HydraMaster and their “sister” company, U.S. Products, two leading manufacturers of professional carpet cleaning equipment, chemicals, and cleaning solutions, announce the beginning of a new Facebook educational series for home and business floor covering owners on effective, safe, and often very simple daily procedures to clean and maintain various floor coverings and prevent premature wear and damage.

The series, which was prepared by Doyle Bloss, marketing and brand manager for the two companies, will begin June 27, 2013 on the U.S. Products and HydraMaster Facebook sites. “The series will reference exactly what to do—and perhaps even more importantly what not to do—when caring for specific floor coverings on a daily basis,” he says. “So many floor covering owners receive very little maintenance and care advice when investing in their floor coverings. Much of what they find on an internet search is really bad advice. The best source for on-going floor covering cleaning and maintenance procedures is the cleaning professional. They see and experience what happens in the real world, and are often called in to try and restore the floor covering to its intended look and condition.”

According to Bloss, the series will emphasize such topics as:
• The need for periodic restorative cleaning, typically performed by trained and certified cleaning professionals using hot-water extractors.

• Maintenance procedures often suggested, recommended, or required by floor covering manufacturers to maintain warranty coverage.

• Discuss a variety of floor care techniques for residential and commercial carpet, carpet tiles, leather, draperies, ceramic tile and grout as well as wood, laminate floors, and natural stone floors.

“Teaching people how to properly care for their floor covering investment is beneficial throughout the flooring industry value chain,” says Bloss. “Too often, consumers are left scouring the Internet for maintenance information. Providing cleaning professionals with credible information [they can share with their clients] reinforces the valuable educational and consulting role a cleaning contractor can have with its customers.”

In fact, Bloss is encouraging cleaning professionals to not only read, but also share this information on their own web and
Facebook sites as well as in newsletters, blogs, and marketing materials. “We hope this free Facebook educational series leads to happy, satisfied floor covering owners and fosters the establishment of an ongoing relationship with their local cleaning professional,” he concludes.

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