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Release: PC4HS offers free tips booklet

June 10, 2013

Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools®(PC4HS) Offers Free Tips Booklet:  How to Develop a Cleaning Production System

SPARKS, NV — Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools®(PC4HS) - a non-profit consortium founded in Nevada, serving school systems nationwide - has announced the availability of a free Tips Booklet:  How to Develop a Cleaning Production System on its website at and  The booklet is published by Tips Products International and is a free download on all pages of the PC4HS site.

The free booklet contains 63 carefully-selected tips to help schools produce healthier school cleaning on a budget.  These start with:

1.    Identify your philosophy and what you want to produce. The goal is to provide a healthy indoor environment through cleaning. The best processes flow from this goal.
2.    Establish a strong culture within your organization's cleaning production system. The “clean for health” philosophy becomes the deeply instilled core for everyone on your team. It is the basis for all decisions, continuously answering the question “Does it lead to clean and healthy?”
3.    Adopt procedures that prevent or remove rather than re-distribute contaminants. Certain handling methods remove soil without introducing pollutants into the indoor environment, while also eliminating wasted steps.
4.    Create flow. Flow naturally happens when tasks are so well defined and synchronized that one task easily leads into another. The work is then a steady purposeful and energy saving forward movement. The ideal and most sustainable process has everyone in a state of flow, without working hard.
5.    Get quality right the first time, since it often takes twice as much time to re-work or re-clean a poorly cleaned area. This also boosts morale. It prompts compliments about work done right and consistently the first time instead of complaints about areas needing more work.

According to Rex Morrison, president of PC4HS, “The Cleaning Production System Tips Booklet provides a taste of what Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools can do for schools. We hope everyone downloads the booklet and applies the advice. We also thank our sponsors for this edition, Kaivac and ProTeam.”

The PC4HS™ system typically raises the average productivity of school custodians with less exertion for workers, lower costs to K-12 school districts, and healthier outcomes for students and staff. If schools are already “lean,” PC4HS will make the cleaning process easier, better, and healthier.  Please visit for information about how the consortium can provide no-risk services to school districts and to explore bulk and custom purchases of the print version of this booklet for educational and promotional uses.

“What McDonald's has done for hamburgers and french fries - standardizing, speed, cost and quality control - Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools® (PC4HS™) does for educational facilities – with ‘Better and Healthier’ as the minimum standard. The tips booklet helps to show how this is possible,” concludes Morrison.
Download it FREE here:

About Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools® (PC4HS)  

The Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) Consortium is a national non-profit organization of facility professionals dedicated to helping its members produce healthy, high performance schools while protecting jobs in budget-constrained environments.

One goal of PC4HS is to deliver a health-centric, fiscally disciplined, dynamic, unique, proven system of cleaning and operations to make school districts safer for students and staff, while increasing attendance, learning and long-term funding.

PC4HS uses non-proprietary tools and greener methods, and - wherever possible - domestically-made products to achieve its goals and level the playing field for in-house and contracted operations alike, resulting in more germ-free student and staff spaces at a significant savings to the taxpayer and school district.