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You Oughta Be In Pictures

June 3, 2013

From what I hear it was a quick and painless shoot. The star of the production was experienced and prepared. Though there had been a few script revisions, the final product featured a number of engaging themes and informative ideas.

That's right, Cleaning & Maintenance Management and the Cleaning Management Institute decided to enter the movie business. Our first online training video recently appeared with no red-carpet premiere and little fanfare, but we created it to be a valuable tool. Produced to showcase the latest touch point cleaning methods, the video below is the perfect refresher for current workers and an ideal training video for new employees.

Though this is the first video that we have produced, it definitely won't be the last. As the new Editor of Cleaning & Maintenance Management, I look forward to providing important and useful information to our audience, no matter the medium. Webinars, magazine articles, e-Newsletters, online exclusives, white papers, downloads and now videos, the Cleaning & Maintenance Management team is working hard to provide you pertinent information in a number of convenient formats.

And, as we dive headfirst into this age of new media, we will always be interested in reader/viewer feedback. Do you have an idea for our next video? Is there a new cleaning method you want to learn more about? What are some common challenges you deal with in today's cleaning industry?

Feedback can only help CMM and CMI as we continue to evolve as a media brand. Please, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or ideas at or 205-408-3744.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to grab some popcorn and watch that video again. I hear there may be some hidden hints about the upcoming sequel.


Phillip Lawless is Editor of Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine; he can be reached at A graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lawless has over 13 years of professional writing and editing experience.