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ICAN/ATEX: Should sheet vinyl floors be finished?

May 21, 2013

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I have an account with a correctional facility.

The warden wants the bathrooms stripped and finished.

I informed him since the flooring was sheet vinyl, I would not strip and finish them.

The prior account holder applied finish over dirt, and used some type of finish that did not have a very good shine.

Should sheet vinyl floors be finished?

Tuesday’s Answer:

“No-wax” flooring is very common, but we need to understand two things.
  1. The use of the term ‘no-wax’ refers to the fact that the flooring has a manufactured surface that reflects light, shines, without the addition of any topical seal or finish. Hence, until foot traffic and grit destroy that finished surface, the product will have a gloss that most people feel is the hallmark of an attractive floor.
  2. The term does not imply that there is a ‘no wear’ surface in place. Any flooring can be degraded by grit being tracked across it, damaging the finish until unsightly traffic lanes appear where the gloss is worn off.
A few days ago, a pure vinyl flooring was discussed  … - Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX editor

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