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Custodian earns degree after 50 years

May 20, 2013

ROANOKE, VA — A woman, known to Hollins University students as the dormitory cleaning lady, joined some students in line at this past weekend's commencement ceremonies, according to The Washington Post.

For 12 years, Isabel Booth juggled a full plate of custodial duties and classes at the Roanoke University; on Sunday, nearly 50 years after dropping out of school in Mexico City to help support her family, Booth received her diploma in Spanish, the article stated.

"Her motivation was just, to me, pure, about wanting to learn. She's been an inspiration, even though she never set out to do that," said Celia McCormick, director of the Horizon Program for adult students at Hollins.

According to the article, Booth, 58, was also the recipient of the school's Evelyn Bradshaw Award for Excellence, which recognizes a student for "inspiring others through perseverance, positive attitude, pursuit of knowledge and love of Hollins University."

"It just reinforces that idea that you never know who that person is that's sweeping the floor that you're walking on," said Judith Cline, a Hollins music professor.

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