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Custodian tickles the ivories for students

May 17, 2013

CANYON LAKE, CA — Friday mornings are special for custodian Bill Evans; it's the time when his role switches from custodian to beloved piano player for story time at City Hall, according to The Friday Flyer.

While he never had a formal lesson, Evans began playing the piano in high school, learning to play by ear, and taught himself to read music, the article stated.

According to the article, as part of his janitorial duties, Evans was in charge of setting up the reading, craft and play areas for Library programs, conducted by Virginia Furnish.

Once Furnish learned about his expertise on the piano, she asked if he would play for the children, the article noted.

Evans enjoys playing for the children so much that he has written his own music and lyrics; upon the request of several parents, he is in the process of creating a book of interactive children's songs that will include a CD, the article added.

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