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Custodian instrumental in saving student

May 16, 2013

FLOWER MOUND, TX — Bluebonnet Elementary School custodian June Lovins, along with teacher Tammy Deisher, is being hailed a hero after saving a student who was choking, according to The Cross Timbers Gazette.

During what should have been a typical lunch period, student Abby Wallace found herself unable to breathe while eating, the article stated.

"I was scared at first because no one realized I couldn't breathe. But then I felt safe and knew I was going to be okay as soon as Mrs. Deisher and Ms. June came over to help me," said Wallace.

"I was on the other end of the cafeteria when I noticed her friends calling for help. I quickly ran across the cafeteria and immediately pulled her up from her seat to administer the Heimlich. I did it once, but quickly called June for help," said Deisher.

"I knew there was something wrong when I saw Mrs. Deisher running across the cafeteria. I saw her pick Abby up, but then she asked for my help. So, I stepped in and did the Heimlich twice, and then Abby was able to breathe. It seemed like everything happened within 20 seconds. I don’t think you really think at the time, you just react," said Lovins.

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