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Focusing on workloading to address professional cleaning needs

May 13, 2013

TUSCALOOSA, AL — Responding to the changing needs of today's cleaning professionals, AFFLINK suggests that the industry take a closer look at the opportunities and possibilities workloading provides, according to a press release.

Workloading is a technique that helps both in-house cleaning professionals and cleaning contractors more precisely determine the labor hours and related costs involved in cleaning a facility, the release stated.

"Workloading allows cleaning contractors to prepare more accurate bids. And it helps both contractors and facility managers calculate the staffing levels necessary to clean and maintain their facilities," said David Frank, president of the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences (AICS)  and developer of workloading training tools for such organizations as ISSA's CIMS program.

According to the release, workloading has grown in importance because of the recent economic downturn.

"Many cleaning contractors and facility managers indicate they are more focused than ever before on what they are spending for cleaning and finding ways to streamline the process and make it more cost effective," said Leah Runge, marketing manager for AFFLINK's eLev8 system.

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