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June 2013 Cleanthoughts

A Different Perspective

June 13, 2013

As strange as it is to recall, my formative years were pretty much a blur of foodservice facilities.

Floors, sinks, counters and ice cream machines were just a few of the items frequently included on my nightly cleaning checklist.

In high school, I specialized in concession stands; civic centers, amphitheatres, NASCAR races and barbecue cookoffs — it feels like I worked them all.

As I rubbed shoulders with legends like Stevie Ray Vaughn, KISS, Hank Williams Jr. and Bigfoot (the monster truck, not the Sasquatch), I served food, and most importantly, cleaned miles and miles of countertops and floors.

From there I moved on to a seven-year stretch at a locally-owned hamburger restaurant.

Since I was one of the dependable night shift workers, I soon inherited a lengthy list of nightly mopping and sanitizing duties.

While these experiences put me through journalism school and put some money in my pocket, I would say the most valuable thing they provided was a real appreciation for the service and janitorial industry.

Happy To Be Here

Thinking back on my solid decade of cleaning duties, I am especially proud to join Cleaning & Maintenance Management as its new Editor and happy to be a part of this evolving industry.

As I learn more and more about professional cleaning and maintenance, I can hear murmurs of excitement surrounding the industry’s future.

Today, cutting-edge technology and cleaning processes that would have sounded like science fiction to me as I mopped bathrooms 20 years ago are generating momentum in this rapidly-changing market.

In 2013, facility managers and business service contractors that regularly invest in expert training and up-to-date equipment will see their wise investments pay off.

Workers using the latest cleaning techniques and modern equipment will make a difference in the day-to-day lives of customers, hospitality guests and hospital patients.

In Your Hands

For real-world examples, look no further than this month’s issue.

This, our annual Spotlight on Carpet Care, details a number of interesting trends for professional carpet upkeep.

While our first article busts a handful of widely held myths, our other carpet care features discuss:

  • Reducing allergens with hot water extraction
  • Creating a carpet care training program
  • Carpet cleaning and LEED certification
  • Clarifying carpet care equipment terminology
  • Encapsulation carpet cleaning
  • Carpet dyeing and repair.

Beyond carpet care, this issue also covers the coming effects of the Affordable Health Care Act, new services to increase BSCs’ sales, the mystery of restroom drain odors and the increasing importance of building security.

Letter To The Editor

Finally, one of the things I really like about Cleaning & Maintenance Management as a media brand is the regular appearance of reader feedback.

As we kick off our latest chapter reporting on all things cleaning and maintenance, I want every reader to know that I am always open to phone calls and emails.

Any editor worth his or her weight in microfiber cleaning towels knows that readers are an editorial team’s most valuable resource, especially when it comes to learning about the latest trends and issues in a market.

To that end, I invite you to contact me at plawless@grandviewmedia.comor at (205) 408-3744.

I value your ideas and opinions, and I look forward to covering this industry.