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Custodian creates magic carpet

April 29, 2013

SOLDOTNA, AK — All master artists have their preferred medium, and while Tim Marsh and his vacuum cleaner might not be on the same level as a Michelangelo, he has his own adoring fans, according to the Redoubt Reporter.

Marsh, a custodian at Redoubt Elementary School, uses a nine-by-12-foot patch of green carpeting in the school library's story time area as his canvas, the article stated.

According to the article, every night Marsh spends several minutes creating fanciful drawings of dinosaurs, wild animals and characters from books, using nothing but his vacuum, a stick and his imagination.

There can be a monotonous element to the job of a custodian, so when he discovered how he could change the color of the story time rug from light to dark, he began experimenting with this discovery, the article noted.

Marsh began asking the librarian what books she was reading to the various classes so he could draw characters, creatures or scenes to go along with that book, the article added.

"And the story was, when the kids come in and sit on the carpet and the librarian starts to read the story to them, Redoubt's magic carpet brings them into the story," said Marsh.

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