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Gym janitor used member's keys for robbery

April 25, 2013

PALM BEACH, FL — The janitor at a Deerfield Beach gym faces charges of burglary after using a member's car keys to gain access to a vehicle, according to The Palm Beach Post.

Vincent Merulla, 37, a custodian at an LA Fitness club, stole a cellphone, money, credit cards and other personal belongings from a member's car, the article stated.

According to the article, on April 6, the unidentified victim informed police that his cellphone and money clip, which held cash, two credit cards, his driver's license and social security card, had been taken from his locked car.

Officers found no sign of forced entry into the vehicle, and were informed by the victim that he used the key fob to lock and unlock his vehicle, the article noted.

Officers discovered that on the same day as the burglary, Merulla had been involved in a crash and was found in possession of the victim's credit cards and social security card, the article added.

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