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University mourns housekeeper

April 19, 2013

PORTLAND, OR — Dozens of students filled Corrado chapel on Monday to grieve the loss of their "loving, funny and self-donating" housekeeper, Shari Butler, according to The Beacon.

Butler, who has worked as a housekeeper in Corrado Hall for the past three years, passed away unexpectedly from a brain tumor on Sunday, the article stated.

"Shari wasn't a housekeeper, she was a person who lived in our lives to take care of us. It was that wonderful multiplication of love that never ran short, that had a time and a moment for everybody to give of herself endlessly without ever hitting the bottom of her reserve," said Pastoral resident Fr. Gary Chamberland.

According to the article, last fall Butler gave an interview with The Beacon, and described the love she had for University of Portland students, saying, "Mostly I hug them, I tell them I love them, which I do because I love every single one of them, and I tell them it's going to be okay. I will hold them until they are done crying."

Butler, known for being a practical joker, often hid Clarence, the Corrado Mascot, pulled pranks on RAs and toiled papered rooms, the article noted.

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