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Custodians share experiences with students

April 15, 2013

NORTHRIDGE, CA — Custodians Maria Martinez and Rafael Souza have been working together at the Matador Bookstore Complex for more than two years, and often find it difficult to understand how some people are oblivious to signs, according to the Daily Sundial.

"The signs say closed for cleaning. And people always come in and say, 'Uh, its closed?' and I think, 'What the heck? There is a sign there.' It's like, hello, wake up America," said Martinez.

Because both custodians are around during the busy lunch hour, they are able to notice certain behaviors among students, as well as some of their habits, the article stated.

According to the article, on the first day of the current semester, one man didn't see two wet floor signs she had up near the entrance and decided to rollerblade at a high speed into the complex; what happened next was an inevitable spill into embarrassment.

Both Martinez and Souza theorize that students’ attachment to technological devices is partly to blame for the distractions leading to accidents, the article noted.

"[A female student too distracted by her phone] walked right into the glass side paneling of a set of automatic doors. It made such a loud noise that I thought the glass might break. She didn't even care about the pain, just looked around worried about who might have seen her," said Souza.

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