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Canadians concerned about hospital cleanliness

April 11, 2013

KELOWNA, BC — A recent online survey revealed that nearly a third of respondents have concerns about the cleanliness of patient rooms and bathrooms in Canada's hospitals, according to CBC News.

Those who work in hospitals, and are responsible for the cleanliness of the areas of greatest concern, have pointed to the increased outsourcing of housekeeping as a reason behind the decline in hospital cleanliness that has been observed by patients and hospital workers, the article stated.

"There's no question there's been an impact on the quality of cleaning, and you can see that throughout the years as various hospitals have struggled with very high-profile superbug outbreaks," said Margi Blamey, spokesperson for the Hospital Employees' Union (HEU), which represents 41,000 hospital cleaning and support staff in BC.

According to the article, although BC instituted housekeeping audits in order to verify whether hospitals are meeting industry cleaning standards, they have not proven to be an accurate measure of cleanliness because they rely heavily on a visual assessment.

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