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Custodian pleads guilty, faces firing

April 10, 2013

KINGSTON, WY — Robert Lushefski, a longtime custodian at Wyoming Valley West School District, faces disciplinary action including termination of employment, according to the Times Leader.

On April 1, Lushefski pled guilty to charges that he dumped personal garbage into a district dumpster without prior permission, the article stated.

According to the article, the school board's biggest decision will be whether or not the plea of guilty strips Lushefski of his contractual rights.

District Superintendent Chuck Suppon indicated that the board conducted a Loudermill Hearing, which is part of the "state-mandated due process for a government employee prior to removing or otherwise impacting employee rights," the article noted.

"My vote is to remove him. I can't see any board member voting to keep a person who actually admitted committing a crime," said Vice President Joe Mazur.

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