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April 2013 Hard Floor Care Case Study: Sapphire Scientific

Cleaning North America’s Largest Shopping Center

Sapphire Scientific highlights the science of soil removal through deep, restorative cleaning at the West Edmonton Mall.

April 8, 2013

The Sapphire Scientific team was recently called in to evaluate a large commercial cleaning project at the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Canada.

With over 570,000 square meters of space and 800 stores, it ranks as the largest mall in North America.

sapphire scientific logo 360x106The cleaning staff at the mall had been using an autoscrubber featuring water pressure at 150 pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI), a counter-rotational brush and a vacuum squeegee.

They used a neutral detergent in the fresh water tank.

The staff explained to us that this procedure seemed to be satisfactory for daily cleaning and light-duty cleaning.

However, they noticed that, over time, the soils began to accumulate and become more and more difficult to remove.

They felt they were just “pushing dirt around” rather than actually cleaning.

The Importance Of Restorative Cleaning

In our view, their maintenance procedures were not keeping up with the task.

They needed to implement a regular restorative cleaning process, one that regularly removed allthe soils, even those deeply imbedded in grout and other porous or textured surfaces.

This is best achieved by using equipment that utilizes greater mechanical forces and higher heat than an autoscrubber can provide.

These mechanical forces include higher water pressure combined with hotter water, stronger agitation and high-vacuum air flow — all of which are best delivered by a truckmount extractor.

A truckmount system can readily deliver the performance needed to provide a true restorative clean.

To demonstrate what a difference a truckmount-based system can make, we set up Sapphire’s flagship 870SS system and cleaned several different types of hard surfaces.

With 800 to 1,200 PSI of water pressure, up to 2.2 gallons per minute (GPM) of water delivery, the intense 1,400 revolutions per minute (RPM) spray agitation provided by our hard surface cleaning tool and a high-flow vacuum system, the Sapphire system quickly removed all accumulated soils.

The Edmonton Mall staff was very pleased with the results.

The system’s high heat, agitation and vacuum powered through the accumulated soils quickly and restored the floors to like-new condition.

They have since implemented a full-scale deep cleaning procedure to be followed by regular restorative cleaning.

Their new Sapphire equipment and restorative cleaning procedures keep them well ahead of soil buildup, helping them to reduce facility maintenance costs and keep the facility looking like new.


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