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April 2013 Hard Floor Care Case Study: ProTeam Inc.

Seeing The Cost Savings More Clearly

ProTeam’s Super Coach Pro backpack vacuums deliver the healthy indoor air demanded by an optometry surgical facility.

April 5, 2013

There are few places where indoor air quality is more crucial than an outpatient eye surgery facility.

During surgery, particulate matter floating in the air can put patients at risk.

John Eshelman, owner of Universal Maintenance in Boise, Idaho, uses the new ProTeam® Super Coach Pro backpack vacuum to capture and contain particulate matter, keeping the medical facilities he cleans healthy and safe for sensitive procedures.

ProTeam Inc. logoAs part of its advanced Four Level® Filtration system, the Super Coach Pro uses high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to capture 99.97 percent of microscopic particulates down to 0.3 microns in size.

This is a benefit in medical facilities where U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and audits mandate high indoor environmental quality.

While dust mops and brooms kick up dirt and dust from hard flooring, the Super Coach Pro captures and contains it, cutting down on dusting and saving valuable labor time for Eshelman and his employees.

Comfort And Versatility Combined

Universal Maintenance has been specializing in janitorial services for the medical field for 25 years.

Eshelman and his three employees clean 10 buildings ranging in size from 3,000 square feet to 32,000 square feet.

Last November, Eshelman implemented the new Super Coach Pro in all of his facilities.

Even though his employees were happy with their previous ProTeam backpacks, they immediately noticed the design improvements of the Super Coach Pro.

“The new Super Coach Pro allows for even better maneuverability,” notes Eshelman. “The shape cuts down on bumping into things, and it fits snugger against the person wearing it.”

The triangular shape improves balance by keeping the center of gravity closer to the user with the weight of the vacuum resting squarely on the hips.

Workers have increased range of motion and comfort due to the new FlexFit articulating harness, which responds to arm and shoulder movements, creating less resistance against the body.

These innovations in user comfort are important because user comfort is so intimately connected with productivity.

According to Eshelman, uncomfortable workers cannot pay close attention to the details; as a result, cleaning outcomes are not as important to them as they go through their routines.

Cleaning mostly by night, each of Eshelman’s employees completes a single task throughout a facility.

One does all the dusting, the next disinfects, then someone addresses the trash, someone takes care of vacuuming, etc.

This task-loading technique is similar to standardized workloading systems like Team Cleaning® and has been proven to improve productivity by eliminating time lost from switching between tools and tasks.

When a colleague recommended ProTeam backpacks about six years ago, Eshelman was skeptical.

Having briefly tried backpack offerings from another company, he felt the vacuums had inadequate suction and uncomfortable design.

His employees were also unsure; they worried that wearing a backpack would be bulky or cumbersome — until they tried it.

“It only took a day with the ProTeam backpacks,” concludes Eshelman. “All those concerns were gone.”


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