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April 2013 Cleanthoughts
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Staying Grounded

An inconvenience at the airport led to some intriguing insight.

April 5, 2013

Having been booted — let me rephrase that; the flight I had originally booked was oversold, leaving me with no other viable option than to accept a later flight with the incentivization of a handsome cash-equivalent voucher — from the itinerary of my planned departure, I was forced to seek liquid refreshment from an overpriced airport watering hole.

While patronizing this establishment, I engaged in conversation with a group of industry professionals who were in town for the same reason as me: Attending a regional trade show.

One of the gentlemen cordially queried, “You’re the editor of a magazine, right?”

“Yes. Yes I am,” I proudly replied, intrigued by how my mug stuck in his memory.

“We met at this same place one year ago, only I was sitting where you currently are, and vice versa,” the individual stated, reminding me of his work affiliation.

We chatted to pass some time — naturally, as I am one to converse with just about anyone with something interesting to share.

Aside from the nuts and bolts content of our conversation, we spoke about the power of publicity and the importance of effective communication.

They — the gentleman and the handful of colleagues accompanying him — were absolutely preaching to the choir, as I often rant about communicating well with others and publicizing noteworthy happenings or developments.

Their words offered comfort and reassured me that my words — not all of them, at least — were not falling on deaf ears.

Never Fear Feedback

So, what have you taken from my ramblings these past five or so years; has anything I have said changed your outlook on the commercial cleaning industry or influenced your role as a facilities manager, custodial professional or whatever other title you hold?

Are my ramblings just that — rambles?

Or, do I actually make sense every now and again and strike an emotional chord?

Communication is, as many might realize, key.

Without it, there is a very real possibility that something important to you — our readers — will slip under the radar.

In a world of instant communication, with newfangled Internet technology social media, the path to effective communication should be even easier.

Yet, we find that there is something of a disconnect.

So, how do you prefer to communicate?

We would love nothing more than to engage in ongoing dialogue with you, maybe something that is on your mind will spark the next column in our magazine or an online exclusive on our website.

What we need from you, however, is for you to help us get the ball rolling.

Comment on our articles or post on our Facebook page and get the rest of the CMM Community involved in what is important to you.

Your first assignment: Talk to us about your pressing issues.

What’s working for you; what’s not going well?

Let’s communicate.

Also, we elected a new Pope, but that is a topic for another stream of consciousness musing.