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FieldAware showcases continued investment in product development

March 29, 2013

CHICAGO — FieldAware has announced the release of its crew-based scheduling functionality, addressing challenges for field service businesses of scheduling and time-tracking individual field service workers operating on crews or teams, according to a press release.

Building on the release of its Scheduler solution in late 2012, this advancement gives FieldAware the most people-centric solution in the field service management industry, and further demonstrates the company’s continued investment in product development of its field service automation solution, the release stated.

"For FieldAware, it is essential to get our customers deeply engaged in our product. We actively seek out suggestions from our customers to ensure that our product development provides value that is aligned with how their businesses operate," said Press Theriot, vice president of technical services for FieldAware.

According to the release, the FieldAware crew-based scheduling functionality gives field service companies the ability to assign a crew lead to a job with multiple field workers, provide dynamic job duration based on multiple workers contributing to the job at varying times, actively show the members of a crew on a job with multiple workers, provide the status of a job, and create a single invoice for a job that was completed with multiple workers — all through the FieldAware mobile app or on a web browser.

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