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Custodial contract set for mediation

March 28, 2013

SCARBOROUGH, ME — Janitorial contract negotiations have been sent to state mediation due to a plan to outsource the work, according to the Current.

Since July, custodians and foodservice workers have been working without a contract in the Scarborough School District, and nine meetings have been held between officials from state and local labor unions and the school board’s negotiating team, the article stated.

According to the article, a tentative deal was on the table as recently as last month, but it was rescinded at the last minute and replaced with the outsourcing option, which is being called a "direct attack" on support staff.

The outsourcing option is supposed to save the district upwards of $300,000 by hiring contract cleaners to replace the 28 in-house staff, half of whom are full-time employees, the article noted.

"We were told, 'look at this and figure out what you are going to propose.' We said, 'in negotiations, you don't offer your own cuts.' So, we wanted a proposal from them. Well, they came back with something that was so low that we couldn’t even counter-proposal," said Crystal Goodrich, president of the Scarborough Education Association.

Goodrich explained that the last offer by the school board team on March 11 was "essentially the same as being outsourced," the article noted.

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