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NCAA names official floor mop

March 21, 2013

ST. JOSEPH, MO — Hillyard Inc. is pleased to announce the SureFoot Game Day Mop as the official floor mop of NCAA basketball, according to a press release.

The SureFoot Game Day Mop is a large, rectangular flat mop designed to quickly and completely remove sweat and moisture from basketball courts as well as other playing surfaces, the release stated.

According to the release, when sweat and moisture create slick spots, student-athletes may be exposed to potentially dangerous situations where they slip and get injured; SureFoot quickly removes the moisture, enhancing safety on the court.

"We have a rich heritage in the game of basketball. Our gym finishes are used all over the country, protecting gym floors and the competing student-athletes. We're honored that our SureFoot Game Day Mop is the 'Official Floor Mop of NCAA basketball,'" said Bob Roth, president of Hillyard Inc.

SureFoot will be used at all 2013 NCAA Division I, II, III men's and women's basketball championships, the release noted.

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