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March 2013 Contractor Success

Spring Cleaning For Your Website

Ensure your marketing and branding messages are pertinent and properly placed to maintain a productive web presence and a profitable business.

March 18, 2013

While newly implemented business strategies for 2013 may still be on our minds, it is encouraged for maintenance professionals to not forget about the basics.

Spring cleaning is a great excuse to organize the house and office, but business owners would be smart to tidy up their company website as well.

A sometimes neglected priority on the task list, your business website is a crucial aspect of your professional success — and it deserves appropriate attention.

By taking an in-depth look into your online presence, you can improve the overall consumer experience as well as boost your search engine optimization (SEO) for improved traffic and impressions.

Giving Your Website A Facelift

Below are four tips to keep your website looking fresh and user friendly this spring cleaning season.

1.     Remove outdated material for clarity

A main objective of spring cleaning for your website is eliminating the old and broken elements that can be very harmful to your virtual presence.

It is important to go through all pages and articles within your business’ website to delete any old content that may be irrelevant now.

Displaying information for special promotions that have expired or old contact information will frustrate customers.

This may also result in a conclusion that you manage your business the same way you manage your online existence: Ineffectively.

Removing this outdated information will keep visitors intrigued and prevent them from getting confused.

During this process, it is also important to check any links you have on your website to ensure they are still working properly.

For example, if you link to a topical newspaper article about a new stain remover, be sure to periodically check the link to ensure the article is still active and accurate.

External links are great resources for your consumers, but they are not in your control; make sure the resources are not having technical difficulties and that the article is still available for consumption.

A large majority of websites have outdated or incorrect information on display.

This can ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction and misperception, resulting in a loss of business.

Therefore, be sure that deleting old information is part of your website spring cleaning in order to make room for more current and relevant information.

2.     Add interactive multimedia content

Content for professional websites is key, especially when it comes to user experience and SEO.

With the ability to take on different forms, there are many content possibilities for business owners.

Use the platform to update your consumers on new promotions, industry research or news, as well as new services or products you provide.

Promoting your latest special offers online is a great marketing technique, and that messaging, as well as the services and products you provide, should be updated regularly.

Fresh material does not always have to be in words; in fact, a majority of new content ideas come from adding visuals such as photos or multimedia presentations.

For instance, before and after photos are great ways to specifically show your consumers what kind of results they can expect when in business with you.

Another tip is to include information about your employees and staffs.

In the cleaning and maintenance industry, customers are opening their homes or offices and trusting strangers to help with their cleaning needs.

Displaying employee photos or short biographies online can help customers feel more comfortable and secure once a contracted custodial professional reaches their home or place of business.

Additionally, when search engines generate results pages, they are attracted to updated and fresh content when deciding where to place a particular site on the list.

Newer information improves the chances of obtaining a higher ranking on the list, which leads to more visibility, higher traffic and increased business.

3.    Stay fresh with a redesign

Now that you have enhanced and improved the content of your online presence, explore new options with fonts, text and colors for the new season that will make you stand out against the competition.

You want visitors to remember your website, not have it blend in.

When choosing new colors, be sure to pick ones that will not distract from the main point of your website: Delivering information to current customers and prospective clients.

Although bright and neon colors may appear eye-catching, the high contrast can make reading on a computer screen, tablet or smartphone difficult.

Because of this, it is important to keep text and background colors easy to read and not overly busy or bright.

Colors that complement each other well keeps the reader focused on what the site has to offer. 

4.     Edit with a critical eye

Just as with text and background colors, the same rule applies to font selection.

It may look attractive to put your entire website in a curly script font, but you should ask yourself, “Is it legible and will visitors take the time to read all of the verbiage?”

No matter how sophisticated something can seem, it will have a negative impact on your business’ reputation if visitors cannot read or comprehend the information accurately.

Remaining Orderly

As cleaning and maintenance professionals, you understand the importance of getting things put away and organized for effective results.

This spring cleaning season, put your business website on the top of your list of things to focus on.

By following these quick and intuitive tips, your business will see increased consumer satisfaction and SEO to help drive business and sales all year long.