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March 2013 Product Showcase

Restroom Care Product Showcase

March 14, 2013
Cascades Tissue Group Environmental Controls Inc. Kaivac Inc.
Symmetry Tersano Inc. Thornell Corporation
 Cascades Tissue Group

Innovative Technology For Hand Hygiene

As much as 80 percent of infections are transmitted by hands. Cascades® Antibacterial paper towels provide a simple and effective way to further reduce bacterial contamination and transmission.

Unlike ordinary paper towels, when the Cascades Antibacterial paper towel comes into contact with the water on your hands as you dry them, it releases an active ingredient that eliminates over 99.99 percent of bacteria. These towels, made from 100 percent recycled fiber, easily fit anywhere and don't require any additional steps or changes in habits.

Several third-party laboratory tests were conducted to ensure the safety and efficacy of the Antibacterial paper towels.

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 Environmental Controls Inc.

Put An End To Stinky Drains

Unused drains can stink to high heaven! The smell of sewer gas cannot be cleaned away or deodorized.

It's dangerous to use mineral oil, antifreeze, or another material that can damage plumbing.

Historically, sewer gas odors have been blocked by pouring water into a drain's p-trap. Water evaporates and no less than twice each month, unused drains must be recharged with water; otherwise, complaints will rise along with the stink that makes everyone ill at ease!

Stinky Drain Solution™ is the 12-Month Solution for Dry Drain Syndrome, blocking sewer gas odors without the prospect of damaging pipes!

Pour one 16-ounce bottle of Stinky Drain Solution™ into a two-inch unused drain and forget about it for 12 months — it's just that simple!

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 Kaivac Inc.

Maintain A Healthy Indoor Environment

Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® systems are designed to thoroughly remove potentially harmful soils, bacteria and other bio-pollutants in order to produce and maintain a truly healthy indoor environment.

In fact, No-Touch Cleaning is 60 times more effective in reducing bacterial contamination than traditional methods like mops.

No-Touch Cleaning systems combine an indoor pressure washer, a powerful wet vacuum and automatic chemical metering and injection into an integrated system. Empowering workers to deep clean and sanitize without ever having to touch soiled, contaminated surfaces, Kaivac's No-Touch Cleaning systems not only clean better, but they also cut labor expenditures while reducing chemical and equipment costs.

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Be Proactive With Hand Hygiene

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) state that hand hygiene, including washing hands with soap and water or using hand sanitizer if water is not available, is the best defense against the spread of pathogens.

The Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program offers a complete line of products, as well as awareness, education and training materials for your specific needs.

Promote the number one defense against the spread of germs, bacteria and infections by implementing the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program in your facility.

Don't give germs a chance; be proactive with hand hygiene, not reactive.

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 Tersano Inc.

Sustainability Begins With Cleaning

Sustainability is a major focus for the education sector, and many schools are making strides to improve their carbon footprint.

Tersano has designed a unique cleaning solution that provides educational facilities with a sustainable result paired with substantial cost savings.

Using the patented lotus® PRO technology, ordinary tap water is transformed into aqueous ozone, which works faster and more effectively than harsh chemicals.

This natural solution eliminates the need for multiple cleaners and expensive, toxic chemicals — reducing operating costs while providing a safe and effective cleaning solution.

Whether it is used in classrooms, restrooms, common areas or study halls, lotus® PRO goes beyond "green," enhancing the educational experience for teachers, students and staff alike.

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 Thornell Corporation

Eliminate Odors Instantly

Odorcide® Original concentrate from Thornell Corporation eliminates odors caused by pet and human urine, decaying matter, mold or mildew and more.

The non-enzymatic formula works instantly with no dwell time, can be used with detergents and disinfectants and is safe for use on any surface.

Odorcide is a safe and non-toxic product that works upon contact with the odor source.

All Thornell products use a proprietary formula that permanently eliminates, not masks, odors on contact.

Also available in Fresh Scent, both Odorcide products can be used with dilution rates up to 1:256.

Request a free sample today and find out why many describe Odorcide as, "The one that works."

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