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ICAN/ATEX: What is the best way to strip a VCT floor in a computer server room?

March 11, 2013

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We were asked to bid on a 23,000 sf computer server room for a VCT strip and refinish.

There is no way to remove any of the computers or wiring and some of the aisles are very narrow.

Is there a "dry," but not dusty way to remove the old finish?

Monday’s Answer:

computer server roomThe new Surface Prep Pads are designed for chemical free stripping.

They can be used on most any machine, but in your case, you would need a vacuum or dust containment feature.

Some machine manufactures have available chemical free productivity, along with no or low moisture.

SPP pads are available for rotary or oscillating machines, and cylindrical brushes are also available.

Some contractors feel the SPP approach is best for removing 2-3 coats and leaving the untouched base coats.

This assumes  … - Gary Clipperton, president of National Pro Clean Corporation

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