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Cintas app tells users 'Where to Wee'

March 8, 2013

CINCINNATI — Travelers across the country are busy mapping out routes, packing the car and booking hotels for their annual spring break road trips — until they cannot delay a pit stop any longer, according to a press release.

To support these road warriors, Cintas Corporation, creators of the clean restroom finder app Where to Wee (W2W), have announced six tips to help travelers find an ideal pit stop while on spring break trips, the release stated.

where to wee tileIn support of the launch, Cintas will offer a $500 gas card to one of the first 5,000 individuals to complete a restroom rating on Where to Wee through the end of April; another $500 gas card will be given away to the individual who submits the most ratings using W2W, the release noted.

According to the release, if W2W does not show a rated restroom in an area, Cintas recommends the following tips to help travelers find the best pit stop during trips:

Where to Wee tip #1: Make sure the stop is safe: Often, road trips can leave travelers in areas that are eccentric, unpopulated and sometimes dangerous. Ensure that the chosen stop is well-lit and restrooms are not located in… [read more]

Where to Wee tip #2: Take a whiff: After a few hours in the car, entering a restroom filled with unpleasant fragrances can bring road trip excitement to a screeching halt. Additionally, disagreeable odors are a key indicator of… [read more]

Where to Wee tip #3: Watch where you step: Stepping on a sticky or wet restroom floor is always an unwelcome experience, even more so after sitting in a car for several hours. Additionally, a clean and well-kept floor is a good indicator that other areas of the restroom will be … [read more]

Where to Wee tip #4: Check for the basics: After finding a clean, safe and odor-free restroom, look for the essentials, including… [read more]

Where to Wee tip #5: Fuel up: Extended periods on the road can often leave travelers with feelings of hunger and a dwindling gas supply. If this is the case, try finding a restroom accompanied by a… [read more]

Where to Wee tip #6: Help other travelers: If you happen to come across an unrated restroom, help fellow road trippers by using Where to Wee to rate that restroom. Where to Wee is a free iPhone and Android application that allows users to find public restrooms… [read more]

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