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3M Floor Care Tip of the Month March 2013

The dirt on restoring luster to stone floors

Uncovering and protecting your floor's true beauty.

March 1, 2013

Over time high-traffic stone floors take a beating. Scratches, scuff marks and stains are all par for the course. You can clean and polish them, but at the end of the day your efforts can be futile.

It's an important process.

Transforming dull and scratched marble, terrazzo and even polished concrete floors into beautiful, shiny floors is a process that starts with proper restoration. This means removing all waxes, acrylics, urethanes or any re-crystallization the floor might have to get them down to its original appearance.

While this process used to be laborious, now you can maximize efficiency and save time by reducing the number of restorative steps with the proper abrasives, like 3M™ Trizact™ Diamond HX Discs. These advanced technology abrasives leave exceptionally consistent scratch patterns, maximizing efficiency and reducing the number of steps to deliver a significant return on your investment.

Protection is the next step.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, poorly maintained floors are responsible for more than two million injuries each year, which adds up to billions of dollars in medical, insurance and litigation costs. After you've restored your floors, it's key not only to protect them against scuffs, black marks, and scratches, but also to protect yourself from facing claims as well. With Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector you can create an NFSI-Certified "high-traction" surface that looks great and can help prevent slips and falls. Restoration and protection should be followed by a regular floor maintenance routine to keep your floor looking great.

Keep up the good work.

Uncover and protect the true beauty that lies just beneath the clouded surface of your porous stone floors. Your building's tenants and visitors, along with you and your team, will admire and appreciate the steps you've taken.