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Combating outbreaks on cruise lines

March 1, 2013

OLATHE, KS — With norovirus outbreaks in cruise ships appearing in the news regularly, awareness around cruise ship sanitation and hygiene is at an all time high, according to a press release.

itw professional brands logoTo help cruise lines combat the spread of viruses, ITW Professional Brands offers tips for creating a safe and pleasant cruise ship environment, the release stated.

"Cruise ships isolate a large number of people in a relatively small space. This increases the opportunity for the spread of viruses such as norovirus and Influenza, and makes cleaning and sanitation a key activity in protecting ship passengers and a cruise line's image," said ITW Professional Brands Marketing Director Rich Bucher.

ITW Professional Brands offers the following tips for cruise ship sanitation:

Cruise ship outbreak prevention tip #1: Clean frequently — On a cruise ship, general disinfection practices are not enough to prevent the spread of infection. Treatment must be frequent, particularly on high-touch surfaces such as… [read more]

Cruise ship outbreak prevention tip #2: Use a multi-purpose disinfectant with a fast dwell time — When selecting a disinfectant, it is important to consider efficacy, contact time and cleaning ability. In a busy cruise ship environment… [read more]

Cruise ship outbreak prevention tip #3: Provide employee training — Proper training is key to ensuring the maximum benefit of your infection control efforts. If staff are using disinfectants, but not doing so properly, the virus will… [read more]

Cruise ship outbreak prevention tip #4: Promote your program — It is important to communicate your cleaning efforts to cruise ship passengers. Promote your cleaning program within staterooms, via collateral placed… [read more]

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