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February 22, 2013

Nexstep Commercial Products Announces 2012 Sales Rep Agency of the Year

PAXTON, IL — Nexstep Commercial Products (Exclusive Licensee of O-Cedar) is proud to announce BTR Sales Associates of El Dorado Hills, California, as its 2012 “Sales Rep Agency of the Year”.

BTR Sales Associates was established in 2003 and has represented Nexstep Commercial Products (Exclusive Licensee of O-Cedar) since July 2009.

BTR Sales Associates’ success this past year was a result of setting meaningful appointments and helping distributors increase their business.  Bill Bouras, Director of Sales of Nexstep Commercial Products, said, “Their preparation compiling pertinent information about their distributors – where their business is strongest, what products they presently buy, etc – is invaluable to a sales director.  It allowed me to focus on the segment of our line that would be the easiest to introduce to the distributor.”

After getting the product in the door, BTR Sales Associates demonstrates their years of experience in their ability to expand the product listing. They are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow our product line.

David Barnes, Scott Middleton and Jeff Roberts are consummate professionals in their sales approach with the distributors in their territory, and they enjoy great relationships with distributor owners, buyers and their sales forces.

Nexstep Commercial Products would like to express our appreciation to BTR Sales Associates and congratulate them on their outstanding accomplishments in 2012.

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