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Cruise workers fail to adhere to reporting rules

February 18, 2013

WEST PALM BEACH, FL — Reports from a Florida TV station claim some workers on cruise ships are putting passengers at risk by not reporting norovirus, according to RTV-TV.

cruise ship carnival freedomAfter searching through hundreds of inspection reports for every cruise ship that comes in and out of U.S. ports, investigators discovered that it's not always passengers that are getting sick, it's also the people who serve you, the article stated.

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According to the article, inspection reports over the last year on the Carnival Freedom indicated that a butcher got sick onboard back in June and didn't tell the onboard doctor until the next day, continuing to work while he had symptoms.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) inspectors say workers are required to report an illness right away, and food workers are supposed to be isolated for at least two days if showing signs of sickness, the article noted.

The CDC can lower a ship's inspection score because of failure to report illness or breaking quarantine, but it's ultimately up to the cruise companies to discipline their own workers, the article added.

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